Why Zimtra?

When you open an account with a broker, they ask you for a $ deposit and allow you to buy shares up to the value of your deposit. Some may allow you to open a margin account and will allow you to perhaps buy shares up to 3-4x the value of your deposit. The cost of borrowing that money is extremely expensive and cuts into your profits. Your profits are therefore limited by the size of your deposit or that small multiple.

Now, we’re not saying there’s something wrong with that, in fact it’s a pretty good solution if you want to park some of their savings in a few stock positions and enter/exit the market once every few days instead of multiple times a day.

However, if you want to actively day-trade and take advantage of market swings and price movements throughout the trading day, you need a different platform that offers you the opportunity to day-trade effectively and make enough profits by capturing small price movements in short timelines.

What does Zimtra offer?

We’re giving you access to our capital for you to trade with.

As one of the biggest day trading firms globally, there is a huge amount of capital that we can provide to traders daily to trade with. Due to our size in the marketplace, we have negotiated the lowest institutional level rates available on the street for all the services required by a professional day trader. These include trading platforms, news and market data platforms, clearing costs, execution pricing, locates interest rates, etc.

What does it cost me to trade?

Zimtra has negotiated institutional level rates for all the infrastructure a professional trader requires, such as stock locates, interest rates and overnight carry costs, clearing commissions, trading platforms, market data, etc. Any costs charged for these functions by our vendors, are passed directly to you at the negotiated institutional rates. Zimtra does not charge for those services or mark up any of the costs, they’re passed to you directly from the vendors in the monthly invoice we send you.

What markets do you support?

We primarily offer trading to the US Equity markets, but US Equity Options and Commodities are offered subject to approval.

How do I get paid?

You get your payout monthly, we send you summary statement with your trading profits, vendor fees, etc and send your earnings directly to your account the day our billing cycle is compete, which is roughly the 15th of the following month.

Do I need to make a deposit?

At Zimtra, we are not a broker, so don’t ask for a deposit into your account and you don’t risk your money trading.

Based on your trading profile, which we determine with just a few simple questions during our online application process, we give you our own money to trade with and you get to keep most of the profits.

What we do ask of you is a “performance bond”, which is a nominal amount acting as collateral for us to fund your account with us.., Your available Profit Balance is always available to you, to withdraw, according to the terms and conditions within our agreement with you. Your Performance Bond is always refundable should you choose to close your account with us.

How long have you been in business?

Zimtra has been in business since 2017 and our track record has been immaculate at providing professional traders with the platforms and tools they need to become, remain, and improve their profits. Zimtra is registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), a regulatory body in the Cayman Islands.

Thousands of traders have been trading and be profitable with us over the years and we are one of the leading firms globally in the Professional Day Trading marketplace.

Do you allow everyone to trade?

We believe in a fair marketplace and want to offer everyone the opportunity to become a successful day trader, from seasoned veterans to brand new traders, we have thousands of traders from many countries live on our system today. However, we are not allowing access to traders from certain countries. Once you signup for an account and select your country, we will be able to provide more information.

How does Zimtra make money?

We keep a small portion of the trading profits. The percentage of profits you keep is proportional to how much you trade and your profitability. The more opportunity you have to trade and the more profits you generate, the higher your payout percentage becomes.