About Zimtra

Over two decades of equity day trading in the US markets.

We work with commitment and passion with thousands of traders around the world, newcomers and experienced alike, dedicated to helping them achieve success with day trading.

Headquartered in Georgetown, Cayman Islands

At Zimtra, we have identified a gap in the market, where traders would either be limited by their capital on how much they could trade or alternatively they would trade profitable strategies with larger capital allocations on behalf of institutions but have no share in the profits. Zimtra created a new market segment, giving traders access to its own capital and back-end platform, but at the same time, traders keep their profits.

“I am very satisfied with Zimtra Asset Management. I do recommend Zimtra for all professional traders around the world.”

TomekTrader, Trading Group Owner


Founded over two decades ago, Zimtra started out as a small initiative with a big heart — and even bigger ambition. From the early days, our firm has experienced considerable growth, opening new doors. Today, from our headquarters in Georgetown, Cayman Islands, working with thousands of traders on an international scale. We’re a dedicated team who acutely understand all the ins and outs of day trading. This translates into a commitment and passion that we pass along to independent traders, newcomers and experienced traders alike to achieve true success with all the thrills of day trading.

Our platform puts you first.

Why work with our team?

Capital Management

You’ll get access to execute your strategies using our own capital, giving you the ability to implement successful day trading strategies on a larger scale, taking advantage of many small and large market swings throughout the trading day, achieving larger returns and profits.


Zimtra has partnered with the industry’s leading independent technology providers for trading platforms and execution solutions. We have developed proprietary tools for quick and efficient P&L monitoring and portfolio analytics.

Day Trading US Equities

Specializing in the world’s most exciting trading market, US Equities, we maintain and offer you direct access to Wall Street’s largest brokerage houses.

Execution Strategies

You will have access to cutting edge technology and analytics tools, combined with the greatest liquidity solutions available on Wall Street.