We have a winner! $2K funded account with Zimtra 2 months of mentorship with Eduardo Briceno!

By Adam Lambert, Managing Director, Zimtra Asset Management

March 4, 2024


We're thrilled to announce the triumphant winner of The Exclusive Zimtra Contest by Eduardo Briceno (@edu_trades)!

The winner, Alejandro Benitez (@alejandrobntzz_), has scored a remarkable prize: a $2,000 funded trading account with Zimtra and an exclusive 2-month mentorship with the trading maestro, Eduardo.

This exciting win means more than just a funded account – it opens the door to an enriching mentorship program led by Eduardo, where insights, strategies, and trading secrets will be shared.

As part of the Zimtra community, we're eager to witness Alejandro's journey unfold, knowing that his collaboration with Eduardo will undoubtedly be a recipe for trading success.